Essatto’s virtual CFO brings advanced business and financial insights to accountants for their customers businesses.

Leverage Essatto's excel read writeback and evaluate performance with Profitability Reporting in Perth WA Australia


Seamlessly integrate with 3rd party systems & ERPs

Embark on a transformative journey with Essatto, the epitome of seamless integration across a myriad of third-party operational systems. From field services to appointment bookings and industry-specific ERPs, Essatto impeccably orchestrates the convergence of your data, unveiling its true potential. Bid farewell to arduous spreadsheet searches, as Essatto effortlessly imports data from your 3rd party systems and ERPs into a centralised database. Break free from the constraints of data silos and embrace the fluid integration offered by Essatto. Experience a harmonious flow of information and processes across diverse platforms, empowering you to extract actionable insights and make well-informed decisions.

Essatto Integrate with third party apps Perth WA Australia
Essatto multi-scenario Budgeting and Forecasting Perth WA Australia

MULTI-scenario budgeting and forecasting

Elevate your financial planning and analysis with Essatto. It not only empowers you with multi-scenario budgeting and forecasting capabilities but also seamlessly integrates with industry-leading third-party 3-way forecasting solutions. Experience the synergy of advanced analytics and comprehensive financial insights, enabling you to make informed decisions and strategically plan for the future. Unlock the full potential of your financial data, optimise resource allocation, and drive sustainable growth with our sophisticated and seamlessly integrated Essatto solution.

Customise and drill into reports effortlessly

With Essatto, unleash your reporting potential like never before. Our powerful solution empowers you to effortlessly generate fully drillable, customised reports directly within the web and Excel. Seamlessly navigate through data layers, gaining deep insights and uncovering valuable trends. Experience the freedom to tailor reports to your specific needs, delivering comprehensive and actionable information at your fingertips. Say goodbye to static reports and embrace the dynamic capabilities of Essatto, where you have the control to explore, analyse, and make data-driven decisions with ease.

Essatto customise and drill into reports Perth WA Australia
Essatto Automated multi-entity condolidations Perth WA Australia

Achieve seamless and automated multi-entity consolidations

Effortlessly consolidate multiple entities with speed, accuracy, and flexibility using Essatto. Simplify complex tasks like inter-company transactions and multi-currency consolidation with ease. Stay seamlessly connected with your source accounting systems, automating regular consolidated reporting and scheduling automated report creation. Essatto brings together results from diverse accounting systems, providing a comprehensive view of your organisation’s financial performance. With Essatto, you can effortlessly convert results into a single presentation currency, even when reporting in multiple currencies. Experience the transformative power of Essatto in streamlining and enhancing your consolidation process, enabling you to focus on strategic analysis and drive your business towards success.

Automated monthly refresh of fully drillable advisor reports

Experience the seamless power of Essatto’s automated monthly refresh for fully drillable advisor reports. Our cutting-edge solution effortlessly updates pre-canned web and integrated Excel-based reports, ensuring up-to-date insights. Dive deep into the data with interactive drill-down capabilities, empowering you to explore every detail. With Essatto’s comprehensive reporting, effortlessly navigate variance analysis and uncover valuable insights. Say goodbye to manual report generation and welcome the efficiency and accuracy of Essatto’s automated refresh. Streamline reporting processes with Essatto’s automated monthly refresh, empowering effortless data exploration and valuable analytics.

Essatto Automated monthly refresh fully drillable advisor reports Perth WA Australia
Essatto Odoo Connector - EPM Odoo Connector Integration

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