Are you looking to make more informed decisions across financial and business operations within a single, flexible and configurable cost effective application

Essatto provides you with the following functionality...

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Supply Planning

A company imports product in containers and needs to plan future container orders taking into account; projected sales of specific products, expected lead times, minimum stock re-order points, and stock on hand.

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Customer / Product Profitability

A company has many customers and product/SKU combinations and wants to determine which customer/product combinations are making the greatest contribution to gross profit so that resources can be prioritised accordingly.

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Performance Tracking

A company wants to produce an actual/budget/re-forecast profit and loss by a sales representative to evaluate performance and set bonuses.

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Sales Planning & Tracking

A company wants to plan and track the performance of sales campaigns/promotions it may be running into specific customers for specific products.

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Geo-mapping / Market analysis

A company would like to identify and plot its entire target market on a map and then overlay its existing customers on the same map to focus their sales campaigns on specific geographic target areas.

Consolidation, Eliminations, FX

A company has multiple entities and would like to evaluate group financial performance on a regular basis (day, week, month). These entities may be running; the same or different accounting systems, the same or different chart of accounts and transactions for some of these entities being booked in foreign currency ledgers.

Load data from multiple sources

In addition to its Accounting System, a company may also have a desire to integrate data from other internal or external sources to gain key insights about its performance, sales opportunities etc... this may include data from a range of sources including; POS systems, appointment booking systems, operational systems, CRM, KPI data (external) etc... 

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Budgets & Forecasts

Create a budget or run what-if scenarios across the business in minutes with Essatto Fast Budgets. Alternatively, you can manage granular budget inputs by product, customer, salesperson, region or supplier.

Summary of Essatto Key Functions

Connect & Combine Data

Mashup and aggregate data from multiple sources over multiple years, companies, currencies, customers etc... Get started quickly with Fast-Connect.

Dashboards & Reporting

Comprehensive business intelligence functionality that supports data visualization and data discovery as well as management & budget variance reporting as well as the ability to connect to third-party dashboarding tools such as PowerBI.

Custom Hierarchies

Easily build custom hierarchies to summarize and report group data.

Data Access Controls

Control user access rights and privileges including abilities to input data to Essatto.

Essatto Excel Add-In

Retain existing spreadsheets and submit key data (such as budgets) back to Essatto for others to review results immediately via dashboards or reports.