Quickly create detailed and realistic budgets and forecasts using the web, or your existing spreadsheets without the associated limitations. 

Are you struggling with your PLANNING, BUDGETING & FORECASTING?

If you are using spreadsheets for budgeting and forecasting, you are likely to be experiencing a combination of the following issues:


  • Updating for Actual data is a slow and cumbersome exercise.
  • You are not able to drill down to the level of detail you require, because there is too much budget information to prepare, and, too much actuals data to load.
  • The above issues prevent you from iterating as often as you like as it takes up too much of your time.
  • Creating and keeping track of multiple scenarios is a challenge.
  • Aggregating data across entities, products and customers for different versions is hard work.
  • All of the above activities increase the likelihood of errors and the drawing of incorrect conclusions.
If you would like to retain the use of your spreadsheets without these issues read on…

With Essatto, users can create detailed budgets and forecasts via the Web or Excel, or a combination of both.

Useful budgets and Reforecasts with more detail, more versions, and powerful comparisons in no time.

With Essatto you can quickly and seamlessly produce forecasts by jobcustomerproductbranchresponsibility centre, store profitability, or any combination of these. You can keep as many versions as you like, including an original budget, the latest reforecast, and the previous forecast. You can compare the versions against each other and, of course, against the actual data as it is coming through from your accounting system. You can also combine the actual data with the latest remaining forecast to give you a projected future outcome by each of these different viewpoints.

Essatto Budgeting & Forecasting Planning Screen v.02
Essatto Budgeting & Forecasting Evaluation Screen


Where required, people responsible for various jobs, products, customers, or responsibility centres can update their segment of the forecast simultaneously without viewing or impeding others. Essatto does all of the aggregating for you, on-the-fly, saving you time and increasing accuracy (no more spreadsheet formulas).




  • Businesses can iterate and create as many scenarios as they like throughout the process.
  • Managers responsible for the outcomes of the various lines of business take ownership as they are given the opportunity to finesse the top-down plan.
  • Essatto allows businesses to get to a lower level of granularity (i.e., right down to customer and product) which is impossible to do in a spreadsheet for businesses with many customers and products.
  • The mass update features of Essatto’s Budgeting & Planning module allow the process to be iterative and undertaken relatively quickly.
  • In addition to the ability to be able to update an individual product/customer combination for both price and volume or dollars, users can apply growth and reduction factors by customer channel, product groups, categories, geographies etc.
  • Aggregations are accurate and happen in real-time within Essatto – no need for Excel and the linking of values for aggregation and the associated spreadsheet errors encountered using this approach.
  • Actuals are loaded into Essatto from your accounting system electronically and compared to budgets and reforecasts by Essatto to produce variance analysis at all levels of detail for all scenarios in the system.
  • In addition to looking at actual vs budgets and reforecasts, Essatto also allows you to compare current year performance to prior years.
Essatto Closed Loop Planning B&F
Essatto Odoo Connector - EPM Odoo Connector Integration

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