Monitor and evaluate profitability based on key segments relevant to your business.

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A basic Profit & Loss Statement is generally not enough to help management with informed decision making. Essatto helps key decision makers monitor and evaluate performance based on key segments relevant to the nature of their business.

Optimise Profitability by making timely decisions with Essatto 

Most accounting systems are only able to provide basic profitability information. The data is often not broken down to the level of detail required to enable decision making. Systems often do not store crucial data elements, such as labour hours, machine hours and floor space that usually comes from other sources, eg. payroll systems, machine logs or manual input. This is key information needed to produce profitability by key segments, such as job, product, customer, and responsibility centre.

Essatto empowers decision-makers to make decisions based on profitability by the segments relevant to their business. Essatto allows you to also add and manage budgets and reforecasts at a segment level, enabling decision-makers to change the course of current and future outcomes.

With Essatto, users can quickly evaluate powerful insights, such as the remaining budget on a job and monitor the burn-down of a budget against actual outcomes as they occur at a segment level.

Job Profit/Loss

Most/Least Profitable Product

Most/Least Profitable Customer

Branch Profitability

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