Essatto provides a modern interactive and intuitive web – based interface for users to discover and explore virtually any data within the system, without the need for external developers.  Users can create their own drillable dashboards and reports, which do not break, when the underlying data changes, or is updated.

Essatto allows you to:

  • Create job, customer, product, branch, responsibility centre or store profitability dashboards & reports.
  • Incorporates the associated budget or reforecast and variance to actual.
  • Review your burndown position in near real-time to determine how much budget is left.
  • Drill on a value of interest to the detail behind it so that you can understand where things might be going wrong.

Users can present their information via dashboards or reports utilising either the Web or Excel.


Essatto dashboards & reports allow users to visually track performance of their KPI’s, interact with their key data and analyse trends.


Essatto Dashboards & Reporting Screen
Essatto Excel Addin Screen


If you prefer to use Excel, no problem! You can create all of your key reports in Excel. You can also reuse your existing spreadsheets, where it makes sense.

The big difference is, that all data resides in Essatto NOT in your spreadsheets, therefore, as your data updates from your key systems so do your Excel reports. No more waiting days, if not weeks, to view key numbers and no more relying on someone else to produce reports for you.

Do you have Excel workbooks where different sheets are required to be updated by different users? Essatto allows individual sheets in your workbook to be shared with specific users who can all update the same workbook simultaneously.



You may not want Sales Representatives to see each other’s targets, certain staff to see your key pricing information, or you may only want the Administration department to see reports detailing your overall business performance.

By making your Excel workbook “Essatto Aware”, users, whether they are an employee, client, or someone else, will only see the sheets you have given them access to, hence protecting sensitive confidential information that might be stored in some of the other sheets.

The same security applies to Web Reports and Dashboards. Users can only see information accessible to them.

Essatto Excel Addin Screen
Essatto Odoo Connector - EPM Odoo Connector Integration

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