Connect & Combine Data

Today businesses have a wide range of data sources both internal (for example ERP system, payroll data, operational data etc..) and external (for example bench-marked data, industry data, supplier data and so on...). Essatto has an inbuilt Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) capability that enables the loading of data from multiple sources.

Do you have this challenge?   We have lots of business data that resides in multiple systems. Combining and Analyzing the data is not easy and is largely a manual & time consuming process undertaken via Excel. 

Would this add value? Empower your users to explore and relate "all" organisational  data in a centralized location, gain new insights and answer questions which ultimately lead to better business decision making. 

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How can Essatto help?

Use Essatto ETL to combine data from multiple data sources or modules, then blend the data for reporting and analysis.

  • Leverage the pre-built Essatto Fast Connectors for various source systems 

  • Add and combine data from other financial and operational data sources 

  • Add cloud based data sources such as Google Analytics, MongoDB, Facebook etc... 

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Odoo • Image and Text

Introducing Odoo Fast Connect

Accelerate time to value with Fast Connect pre-built connectors for Odoo.

The Odoo Fast Connector gets you up and running quickly with Essatto by connecting you to an Odoo data source, all key data structures and pre-built dashboards facilitating data analysis and budget production in a cost effective and timely manner.

Explore all of your Data 

By empowering users to analyse 'all' of their business data you will get them thinking about their business in new ways, which leads to better business decisions.

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Improved Business Decision


Remove Manual Data Massaging


Save Time Building Reports


Reduce Business Risk with trusted, governed self-service analytics


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