Essatto Hierarchies

Creating multiple hierarchies in Essatto is easy and provides a flexible and quick way to analyze and group your data. For example, if you have a set of fields named Region, State and County you can create a hierarchy from these fields so that you can quickly aggregate or drill down through levels.



Do you have this challenge?  

We consolidate our multiple companies, projects and currencies for group reporting using Excel, and as a result; our staff spend more time preparing reports, instead of doing data analysis, or our executives don't get the answers they need quickly enough.

We're transitioning multiple companies from our legacy ERP to our new system, we still need to produce group reports in the interim where; we're manually mapping the COAs for group reporting using Excel, and everyone is working very long hours.

What if there was an easier way? 

Introducing Essatto Hierarchies...

Imagine the ability to consolidate various COA into one view or group or map your historical data into the current view. This and more is possible with Essatto hierarchies. 

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Group Reporting and Work Centres

Group your work centres to meet the requirements of operational or project management reporting. Create a new hierarchy that groups your data to meet your financial requirement. The possibilities are endless.


How Essatto can help your business...

Use the Essatto maintain hierarchy browser interface to easily create a group company hierarchy via drag and drop

Data analysis and reporting;

  • Consolidated and individual company data

  • Create summary group chart of accounts for consistent financial reporting

  • Any project

  • Any currency

  • Any product, customer etc..

  • All historical data

  • All budget data

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