Essatto Cloud Admin User

The administrator can determine how Essatto is deployed within the organisation and is responsible for controlling the metadata and the data of the system and who can access the data and by what means they can access that data.

Essatto Portal

Essatto Administrators has access to the User Management section on the Essatto Portal where they can administer user access and the role that user can perform within Essatto.

The administrator can add, delete and re allocate licences and user roles as required.

Data Access Control

The Essatto Administrator can control which data is exposed to users and who can perform read  only functions or can perform write-back of data.

Combine and Connect Data

Easy to use with the power to integrate all data types. Intuitive drag and drop data integration plus data-agnostic connectivity space all data sources. Graphical ETL Designer simplifies the creation of data pipelines. Rich library of pre-build components help to access, prepare and blend data. Powerful orchestration capabilities coordinate and combine transformations.

Hierarchy Management

Easy to build custom hierarchies to summarise and report group data.

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Create a top-down or bottom-up budget. Run what-if scenarios across the business in minutes with Essatto Fast Budgets. 

See Essatto Planning


Dashboards & Reporting

Comprehensive business intelligence functionality that supports data visualization and data discovery as well as management & budget variance reporting.
See Essatto Dashboards & Reporting


Essatto Excel Add-In

Retain existing spreadsheets and submit key data (such as budgets) back to Essatto for other to review results immediately via dashboards or reports.
See Essatto Excel Add-In